Our Method

At Prescott Marketing Connections, our services fall into a threefold system focusing on Marketing, Social Media and Networking. These services are modified and adjusted based on the determined needs of every individual client.

Free Consultation  hands-3127291_1920

In order to determine the needs of a client we offer a free 1 hour consultation. During this consultation we will review your current marketing strategies and evaluate their effectiveness. We will also suggest marketing changes to consider in the future.

Marketing Services


The marketing method we employ is Strategic Direct Marketing. We focus on making sure your business is up to date with the latest market trends through dedicated research into your field of business.

Direct Marketing strategies allow us to get a far higher response rate to your typical marketing messages by understanding your target audience and how they react to targeted media messages. We measure your analytics and data and report back to you in a readable format.

Social Media Management startup-849804_1920

In tandem with our Marketing Services we offer social media management. We can suggest updates to your social media advertising based on our research into your specific industry. This will help to ensure all the media avenues of your business align with the message you want to reach your target audience online.

We will work with you to design effective marketing strategies that stay within your defined business budget. With our Direct Marketing expertise we will strive to bring you and your customers closer than ever before.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Additionally to our Social Media Management, we now also offer Search Engine Optimization services. With our trained Digital Media Specialist, we perform in depth Website and Social Media Audits to show you exactly where there is room to grow your SEO. These Audits will analyze current website statistics and analytics, Google Authority and Relevance ratings, Competitor Accounts, and recommend strategies and keywords for implementation moving forward.

After we have performed these audits and began implementation of our SEO improvements we can effectively manage your social media and website accounts to maintain and improve upon what we initially assessed.

Business Networking


The last part of our threefold system is our business networking service. While we are out attending various business and community events on your behalf or with your team, we will be making connections that can improve your business.

We believe that personal networking is the best traditional marketing strategy to grow any business. With our established network of connections we are always looking for ways to bring great businesses together.

Contact Information:

Phone: 289 355 9352



Endorsements from our Clients

“Zach delivered a well-researched marketing plan that identified key barriers to success and opportunities for improvement. His professionalism, attention to detail and demeanor made him a pleasure to work with”

-Judy Hanson, Board President of Autism Home Base Durham